What Are Musicals Unreally

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Many people look at musicals as unrealistic and pointless, mostly because "no one can learn anything by singing and dancing." People who think this way couldn't be more wrong. There are many things to be learned from these masterful musical selections. Take the song "Seasons of Love" from RENT for example. A truely iconic piece that starts off by teaching how many minutes are in a year. Sure, that can easily be researched on Google or figured out with a calculator, but that is just the beginning of the song. The rest of the song talks about how people look at their lives. Some watch the day end, or remember waking up in the morning. Some people look only on the lessons they have learned, or the trips they've taken. This song tells the listenerto…show more content…
This song says that the world will turn whether you like it or not. The planit is full of people that will do their own thing. Don't let that stop you from living your life. The incredibly upbeat song from Funny Girl, "Don't Rain on my Parade," teaches an empowering lesson. The leading lady is reprimanding someone for not letting her live life to the fullest or, how they put it in the song, raining on her parade. "If someone takes a spill it's me and not you," is one of the phrases in this inspirational song. This song is a great way to remember not to let someone control your life. An iconic song in one of the most recognizable musiclas is the finale from Les Miserables. As Jean Valjean lays dying, he is greeted by Fantine, whom he helped at the beginning of the musical. Fantine expresses her gratitude for the love and care Valjean took in raising her daughter. When asking if he is forgiven for his past crimes, Fantine replies by saying, "To love another person is to see the face of God." This quote is incredibly uplifting. I believe that it means that everyone can be forgiven by turning their lives around. Showing love to another person can wipe the red from ones
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