What Are My Goals For College

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My goals for high school to prepare for college are to pass my SAT/ACT test, to pass my AP/Dual Credit Courses, to earn a scholarship, to have a GPA of 3.6 or 4.0, to have a good relationship with my teachers so I can count on them to write good recommendation letters, & to pass my E-O-C’s. These goals will help me achieve my ultimate goal of going to college.
I want to pass my SAT/ACT test & my AP/Dual Credit courses because those tests & courses will help me get accepted into a great college. The AP/Dual Credit courses are rigorous & challenging but I will be willing to take these courses to help me have a bright future. The average score for the SAT/ACT test is 1500 for the SAT test & 21 for the ACT test. I will try to get a higher than
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