What Are My Goals For Science Fair

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I have many goals for this month, but my main goal is finishing my science fair project research. It is necessary that I finish this before fall because the clams I am researching on will perish when it gets cold. To do this, I will finish four of my six research sites this week. Then, if it suddenly gets cold, I will have some results. If the weather holds out, I will do two more sites next week. Then, I will have all my research done for Science Fair, and all I will have to do is make it presentable. My September goals were to finish my Science Fair project research. I most definitely achieved my goals for this month. I have finished my research and collected all my data. All six of the sites I picked were searched for clams, much before the weather got cold. As you can see, I have completed all of my September goals.…show more content…
This month was my birthday, and my party was fantastic! Also, my family and I all went to a Clemson game on my grandparent’s boat, and we swam near the stadium. Finally, I had a sleepover with a friend of mine, and then on the same day I went to the lake with another friend. Overall, September was a wonderful
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