What Are Native American Mascots Be Banned In Sports

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Stephan Edmonson
December 15, 2015
HUC 109
Argument: Should Native American Mascots be banned from sports teams
When I think of names such as Redskins, Braves, Warriors, Indians, I think of just a logo. Perhaps looking a bit deeper I see the imagery behind the name; a strong-willed relentless character. Despite how many people may feel about the this highly debatable topic it will ultimately come down to how you view the usage of Native Americans in sports. It is also important to consider, while making that decision, the cultural and historical significance of the native people.
For the fans of the Redskins and NFL in the case of what is probably the most known Native American named sports team, they do not see the Redskins name as a derogatory term. Actually, according to a
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They should all of course be against their ancestors being “mocked” or whatever the argument may be. Many civil rights, athletic, and academic organizations including our very own president of the US believe using native names or symbols by non-native teams to be a harmful form of ethnic stereotype. (Wikipedia )
Research shows that many Native Americans are offended by the team names, mascots, and logos. On the other hand, there are also many Native Americans that are not offended by this. In a New York TImes Article titled “In twist” , Eunice Davidson, who was wearing a fighting Sioux sweatshirt stated “I have to tell you, I am very honored that they would use the name.” In that case, Native Americans are not collectively against it and are split on the situation.
In my opinion something that really is harmful is how a minority of people believe that an entire society should cater to their "feelings" no matter how irrational they may be. Until now there has not been a legitimate argument in favor of banning Native American mascots. People are too focused on an illusionary "racism" to give the real issue any actual thought.
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