What Are Norms And Values

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Human behaviour is significantly shaped by norms and values. Values define a society, things people strive for and attach great meaning and significance to. Norms set rules of behaviour designed to express a commitment to the society’s underlying values. The interaction between norms and values produces modal personality types in a culture or society with specific drives, motivations, expectations and propensity towards certain patterns of behaviours. The history of education in Jamaica is perhaps best understood in the context of the island's colonial past which some what shape the norm and value of the society. The education system and its administration was created after the British system; and many of the developments in the history of Jamaican education can be seen as responses to events such as the abolition of slavery 1834, the advent of suffrage in 1944, and the achievement of independence in 1962. Much of the recent history of education in Jamaica has been driven by the perceived need to develop "homegrown" responses to economic, social, and political pressures on the island and in…show more content…
In complex industrial societies as Jamaica and the West Indies, the education system will impact the social structure as it will fill the gap of what the family or peer groups cannot provide for the individual. After primary socialization within the family the school takes over as the focal socializing agency. In addition, the school socializes people into the basic values. Finally the education system is an important mechanism for the selection of the future role in society; this links the education system directly to social stratification. According to philosopher Althusser as a part of the superstructure, the educational system is ultimately shaped by infrastructure. It will therefore reflect the relation of production and serves the interest of the rule
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