What Are Perception, Perspectives And Giants

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Perception, Perspectives and Giants
An individual’s perspective and perception become their reality. We spend so many hours of our lifetime attempting to prove to others that we are correct about certain points or principles; perhaps we have drawn conclusions based on limited information that is not always correct. Worldview, culture, religion, family and many other factors influence our lives and the way that we think and view things. In business, the best way to make decisions is a corporate mentality, getting input from all of the key players involved. Individuals can develop tunnel vision and miss key points in situations that other eyes and minds may see. The best leaders listen to their subordinates, getting fresh ideas and learning
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Now, when you ask most people, they think that David was a huge underdog, and the fact that he killed the giant was a miracle. Almost no one thinks that David was a favorite to kill the giant. This is a great example of perception and perspective.
Let’s look at the facts in the story. Goliath was, in fact, a giant, that means that he suffered from Gigantism, a rare condition that is almost always caused by a pituitary gland tumor located at the base of the brain. He was older, already a well-established champion on the field of hand to hand combat. In the story, the point was made to let us know that Goliath despised David when he saw that he was a healthy, handsome young boy. The main reason a person would despise these attributes would be if they are not in good health, they are old, and not good looking.
Goliath must have been very slow when moving, his size, the weight of his armor and weapons, his age, and probable health status, and the heat of wearing heavy armor for such a large man must have been tiring. There’s a good chance by his statement, “Come down to me.,” and his gigantism that his eyesight may have been poor. He also made reference to sticks when David only had one which may have been a hint that the giant was seeing double. The other odd fact was that a shield bearer led out in front of the giant, why didn’t he carry his own shield into battle? It seems as though Goliath would not have any chance unless David got close enough for the Giant to battle him in hand to hand
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