What Are Pot Bellied Pigs

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Edgar and Edna are both pot-bellied pigs. They are each around 4 years old. They live inside with their humans Michael and Julie Hestor. Both Edgar and Edna are famous on Facebook and both currently have more followers than me. Edgar has 174 followers and Edna has 192 followers. I only have 59 followers. Talking with Michael and Julie I learned that pot-bellied pigs are sometimes purchased because they are so cute and adorable when they are baby pigs. Once they grow, sometimes they become a burden on the owner. Perhaps the owner didn't expect that they would grow up to get so big, but they do. Unfortunately, many pigs are then mistreated and abandoned. What is very sad, is that pigs are a very emotional species similar to humans. They can become depressed and experience many of the things humans do. They are considered very highly intelligent animals. One website said, "They are even smarter than a three-year old child."(web)…show more content…
If you need help rehoming a pot-bellied pig or even adopting a pot-bellied pig you can reach out to Michael and Julie via Facebook by following Edgar and Ednas Facebook Page. Or if you just wish to keep up with Edgar and Edna, please like and follow their pages on
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