What Are Print Magazines Ads?

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Print magazines ads can have a lot of influence in the world, like offering a new window into a product that readers did not know before. Magazine ads offer a first impression for some introducing a whole new world. Some present relics from an old dying age to products that are at the front of what is going to happen and how fast. With the business of watches dropping in favor of cell phones, Breitling and Rolex needed a way that they could help drum up business and revenue. Breitling took a liking to Fast Company while Rolex tried personal luck in Fortune magazine. Targeting the middle to high income professionals they appeal through the tones of innovation and remembrance of old money. Watches are seen around the world as a dying need,…show more content…
Below their slogan for the ad, there is an explanation of what their watches go through on a daily routine for the pilots and for those who use the watch daily. There is a list of four locations around this nation where a buyer can go get their own Breitling Watch, at one of their own boutiques. To top off the ad that oozes authority, challenge, and excitement, the Breitling gold wings placard onto the page followed by the main slogan, “Instruments for Professionals”. The watch itself, the Super Avenger II; the black dials accented by white face plates, hints of red and blue compliment the watch. The band, a stainless steel showing off a matte silver color, shows a shine that is not offered by many. Watches of this caliber offer a level of quality and expertise and they are marketed to such a level so that the readers of Fortune Magazine can experience. The Breitling ad published in the Fast Company is, “…the only business media brand that inspires change” according to the Fast Company Media Kit. Fast Company has an average circulation of 725,000 people every month. The readers of the magazine have an average age of forty-five and with a gender composition of 60% men and 40% women. Fast Company is the magazine for business people who knows what they want, and so they work to achieve that goal. Breitling’s ad exalts the idea that people of the future want to experience the
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