What Are Prison Gangs? Essay

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What are Prison gangs? This is a criminal association that is formed in the penal system and operates within the prison system in the United Sates. Prison gangs identify themselves with symbols, tattoos, and calls (by yelling out a chant, phrase, or word/number). Prison gangs go decades back and are still present in the prison system.

What is a Prison gang initiation? It’s when current gang members induct a non-gang member into full membership. Ways of initiation include: (1) Beat in or jump: which the inductee must prove him/her self by enduring a severe beating by a pre-determined number of members for a pre-determined number of minutes. During this act the members use fists, kicks and stomps, or even clubs to beat the new member. This is to prove his and/or her worthiness by enduring the undeniably pain received from the gang members. (2) Assault on an innocent victim: This is when a prospective member of a gang is required to attack an innocent bystander…to prove strength/ loyalty. (3) Rape an innocent victim: This is one of the most sicken processes of joining a gang. If an individual is in prison then this means that are raping one of the same sex. (4) Blessed In: Occasionally, a prospective gang member will not have to endure any of the normal gang initiation rituals. He or she may be “blessed in.” This may be the result of the prospects reputation as one who is worthy of gang membership or he may be a family member of a gang member who has vouched for
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