What Are Role Playing Games With Simulated Violence Perilous Or Diverting?

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Are Role-Playing Games With Simulated Violence Perilous Or Diverting?
By Kassie Cordier Playing games is something we all do everyday. It can give us a feeling of excitement in our daily boring lives. But some games aren't as good for us as you might think. Role playing games with simulated violence can be perilous for us. Although they seem fine on the outside, they can be very dangerous for our bodies and our minds. Games can alter our brains to think a certain way and cause us to become inhumane. This is because they can lead to more serious actions, the player can get hurt, and it can distract us from more important things.

Firstly, role playing games can distract us from more important things. They can make us lose our sense of time
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For example, while playing, a kid might trip over something and hurt themselves. Child slavery and Abuse Prevention Programs explains how every year almost 15 children die and another 200,000 children are injured on playgrounds. Although these could have been avoided by excessive rules and overprotective teachers, most kids want to have fun while playing games. When kids are playing games they want to have a thrill and excitement that these extra rules would not give them. On the other hand, this lack of rules is what is causing the thrill and also the injuries. Also, kids could hurt others feelings because they don’t listen or are too excessive on what they are doing. An example would be that if one kid is not listening to the rules, all the other kids would get mad. In all, one reason why violent games are bad is because the players could get…show more content…
For example, a game might lead a kid to believe that hurting other people is okay because as Raise Smart Kids explained, they get used to being rewarded when they hurt other players. They believe that punching, yelling or even killing other people is okay. They show how Kids who play video games are more likely to have violent thoughts and actions. Making yourself think a certain way will make your brain adjust to as if you were playing the game and soon the player might not be able to decipher fantasy from reality. Also, many studies have shown that kids who play a lot of video games (a type of violent game) are not able to connect with others. Violent games can be leading us to something that we would never do without them.

In conclusion, video games that are violent can be very perilous to not only kids but anyone who plays them. They can have short and long-term effects on your career and the way you think. Violent games are bad because they can lead to serious actions, the player can get hurt, and because they can distract us. Making the choice to play this game is not only affecting you but it can affect the people around you and how they think of you. So next time you go to play games you should think about the consequences that come with
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