What Are Shared Writing Strategies

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Shared writing (the strategy of a whole class working together to build ideas with the support of the scaffolding teacher who scribes) is referred to in the National Literacy Strategy (NLS) as being a ‘powerful strategy’ (p.12) for the teaching of writing. Writing can be broken down into two parts composition, which is ideas and structure based, as the Nation curriculum (NC) defines ‘articulating and communicating ideas … coherently for a reader.’ (DFE p.15) and transcription, which is the physical process of ‘writing down ideas fluently … [and] spelling … accurately’ (DFE p.15). It was suggested by Vygotsky that these two parts are ‘two halves of the same process’ which is all about ‘mastering written language’ (Barrs, 2004. P.267) shared…show more content…
During shared writing the teacher can also question the children and get them to think about aspects of their writing, this can lead to them being introduced to new vocabulary. Shared writing can support the whole classes learning, it can help give confidence to those children who struggle to write as well as inspiring children who find it difficult to come up with ideas. We therefore see that shared writing can be more useful for children than independent writing, during which they may struggle alone or make unnecessary mistakes if they don’t take their time. As well as group writing, where they develop their ideas but still write alone. The issue with this method is that they children could fall behind the rest of the group and get confused about what they are writing. During shared writing they can slowly pull ideas together into sentences and see the process of editing and developing happening. This is important for composition because it helps children to realise that they do not have to write a perfect piece of work the first time around. If they can see the teacher editing and redrafting they should have more confidence to write and know they can develop it later. In addition we see that the children develops work which ‘could often not be achieved by individual children writing alone; the collaborative undertaking creates a ‘zone…show more content…
It can be argued that the best way to learn something is to take the kinetic approach and to engage with the activity and do it. This would mean that although some modelling from the teacher would be of use the children need to engage in the writing aspect itself and not simply pose ideas which are then developed as a class. The children need to think about how they will write for themselves. They will develop some of the skills of writing through the observation and engagement in shared writing, such as new vocabulary. It does not however, allow this children to test writing for themselves and to try to spell things and have a go at different aspects of writing. As said by Fisher ‘writers need the confidence to develop an individual voice. For this they need confidence to use, or consciously misuse, the conventions; have fun with written language; and express their own ideas in their own ways as well as generically convention ways’ (2006. P.4). therefore we should embrace children’s writing and the mistakes whilst they engage with this process as gives them more of an opportunity to have fun with writing and they can always edit their work
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