What Are Social Constructs

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Many readers enjoy books and stories that go outside of the social norm because they like to “stick it to the man” or maybe they just don’t like that people who lived before them developed to make the boundaries that we live by in our society. Who gives the authority to inscribe an entire generation with their beliefs? This is because, for years, those same people also had to follow a set of rules they probably did not believe in themselves. This is how I think postmodernism came to be with the original disobedience in writing came. The point of postmodernism is to go against traditional classifications to question the objective truth associated with the enlightenment, and to prove that there are no social truths but social constructs…show more content…
On the other hand could this really change the thoughts and ideals of a person let alone a country? Postmodernism is that ability to publish these ideals to give the general public ability to pick and choose what to read, what to believe, and what is able to be labeled art. Never in my life would “Mr. Brainwash” be an artist who never was published because of society’s embrace of former knowledge with an empty perception of new or radical. To ask why are these writing postmodern, is to also ask what is “postmodern?” Postmodernism came about from the anger and betrayal from many instances around the world and the public grew a sense of conspiracy and distrust for the original establishments. This help breed the rejection of western culture, beliefs, and ideas but people will also reject what we call the norm and authority figures or anything found to have been false. This is why I know these writings are postmodern because they want people to question the norm, the status quo, and what people say is a way to live. This definitely is not anything that is straight forward or can be easily agreed upon, but put in a dialect were everyone has they own opinion. Since the day I went to class and the professor (Dr. Collins) would not tell us what she thought and the rest of us student were indifferent and ready to agree the stories through their own eyes and no one saw what I saw or felt the way I did about them, especially light boxes. The truth
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