What Are Soil Nutrients For Healthy Soil?

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Soil consists of billions of minute living organisms, bugs and rodents. (Weather video clip-soil, 2004) It is necessary that the mixture of these organisms, bugs and rodents work together to produce healthy soil. As plants, trees and carcass’ decompose, they produce phosphorus, which is required to have healthy vegetation in soil. Another key ingredient for healthy soil is nitrates produced by nitrogen in the air mixing with condensation of water leaking into soil, which also produces healthy soil. Too much of these chemicals, along with trace minerals, will pollute the soil. Humans rely on healthy, fertile soil to grow fruits and vegetables in as well as raise animals who eat from the products grown in healthy soil. When the organisms, bugs and rodents populate the soil, they add to the ecosystem of the soil. To achieve a healthy ecosystem, the soil must remain free of pollutants such as chemicals, plastics and waste. The pollutants will change the way plants grow, if they grow. The pollutants are absorbed into growing plants, that humans and animals eat, thus becoming a toxin to the human or animal, when consumed. When toxins absorb into plants, and are ingested, the genetic make-up of humans and animals can become altered inviting illness to the body. With laws and law abiding citizens along with companies, the world could slow, possibly halt soil pollution with proper recycling and cleansing of the soil. It is up to everyone to be conscious of their actions when…
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