What Are Some Effects Of Divorce Or Separation On Children?

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Review of Literature

Research Question: What are some effects of divorce or separation on children?

Introduction Divorce is defined as the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. Divorce and parental separation can be very damaging to children and can have adverse effects. (Anderson, 2014, pg 379) Although each family is different, divorce has been shown to cause problems in a child’s relationships with their parents, cause issues in their education, and a child may lose emotional security. (Anderson, 2014, pg 380) He or she possibly having to spend less time with each parent affects his or her relationship with the parent. (Anderson, 2014, pg 380) “Children of divorced parents are more likely to have lower grade point averages” (Jeynes, 1998). Divorce can affect a child’s emotional security because the child will have a weakened relationship with one of their parents or other relatives. (Amato and Afifi, 2006)

Parent- Child Relationships Children, and their love toward their parent “are an important resource for divorced parents but at the same time, they may necessitate continued contact with their ex-spouse, which may lead to the children being thought of a symbol of disappointment from the marriage” (Cohen, Dottan, pg 82). “Amato and Booth (1996) found that if there were problems in the parent-child relationship before divorce, it predicted parent’s low affection for their children after divorce during the “stormy period” or the…
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