What Are Some Specific Duties Of A Radiographer?

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1. What is a radiographer and what are some specific duties of a radiographer? A radiographer is a very important person. They are a health professional that uses x rays to produce radiographs of their patients to help the doctor diagnose the patient’s medical conditions (Inside Radiology, 2016). A radiographer is a very broad term though, and can be a variety of things. From X rays for pictures, CT for scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and many more. There are a lot of specific duties for a radiographer.
At first I thought it was as easy as just clicking a button to take the patients picture. Once I went to different hospitals for job shadowing I learned quickly that there are so many tasks a radiographer has to take on a day. Before any picture the radiographer must make sure they explain to the patient the process that they will be doing and they must make sure that the patient understands and is comfortable. It is challenging for the radiographer to capture the best image when the patient can barely move if he or she is in pain. If the radiographer took a bad photo of the patient that could cause a misdiagnosis. When taking the image the radiographer must make sure the radiation levels are safe for the patient.
There are many duties a radiographer has to do that an average person would expect. I spoke to a radiographer at Genesis that told me about how she had to take pictures of patients in trauma. Taking pictures of people in trauma can be very difficult for a…
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