What Are Standard Precautions? How Do They Impact The Nursing Care?

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What are standard precautions? How do they impact the nursing care? These are all valid questions that need further investigation. First and foremost, standard precautions are a set of practices that help guide nurses to prevent and control transmission of infectious diseases, set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (Efstathiou, Papastavrou, Raftopoulos, & Merkouris, 2011, p. 1). In comparison to other health care workers, nurses are at a particularly higher risk of occupational exposure. The high stake profession leaves nurses vulnerable to accidentally acquiring all sorts of infectious agents, which can cause detrimental consequences for everyone. Nurses play an integral role in management of patient care and…show more content…
Factors such as lack of knowledge, time pressure, and poor practice and/or qualifications contribute greatly to nurses not adhering to their standards of precautions when proving patient care. Lack of Knowledge Moreover, in most cases, occupational exposure can occur by accident and in the most unpredictable way. That is why it is vital for nurses to be knowledgeable of the importance of adherence. Among other factors, lack of knowledge is arguably the factor most responsible for the least adherence (de Carvalho Nagliate, Nogueira, de Godoy, & Mendes, 2013, p. 244). If the nurse does not understand the need for such precautions then they will not feel the need to apply them in their daily routines. Case in point, lack of knowledge can result from not having the proper training with certain procedures or equipment, but it can also result from being stuck in the old way things get done. Conflict arises when nurses are not open to change because new evidence-based findings will result in wasted efforts. The single most important element associated with compliance and adherence is the understanding of why certain practices come about and how implementing such practices improve quality of care. Consequently, Koutoukidis, Stainton, and Hughson (2016) state, standard precautions are the most basic work practice recommendation and the first-line approach that helps minimize the spread of
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