What Are Stereotypes?

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In today's world people get judge and label like other people and ethnicities based on looks, actions, and the sports they are in. Ways people have placed labels on people is give stereotypes on groups and sometimes those stereotypes can actually be misconceptions. People use stereotypes to help define people faster. Stereotypes and misconceptions are not the same thing. Misconceptions are formed from having stereotypes and they are a view that is incorrect based on untruths. They are many groups that have stereotypes in this world and wrestlers are one of the many groups that has had stereotypes placed on. People towards wrestlers as a group and individuals have some misunderstandings like them not eating, all wrestlers are guys and wrestlers…show more content…
A misconception is when a stereotype is used to define someone or a group but is an untruth. In the word misconception “mis” meaning wrongly, “con” meaning to persuade someone to do or believe something, and “ception” defining layering or recursion of the thing in the question. This shows that misconception is a way of making layers over the truth because of an assumption from other people or things. They are a view that is based on the untruths of the stereotypes. There is no base on it and it is just an assumption that a group has because he or she is in that group. An misconception can most likely be negative for is being an untruth statement about someone or a group. Nobody likes to be talked about negatively because it is not a right thing to do and could cause some hate. These stereotypes and misconceptions are not the same and are not the same as being prejudice or discriminating. Where prejudice involves attitude and discrimination behavior stereotypes involves belief. However if they don’t like you because of you they are…show more content…
There are many girls that wrestle in this sport. To most people this sport would just be for guys but it is not and those female wrestlers would wrestle against other male wrestlers or female wrestlers. In a Los Angeles Times article Stephen Ceaser talks about a wrestling team that is all girls. The author says “ The girls pair off and grapple. Coellet grabs Kaylee Acuna’s neck and yanks downward, torpedoing herself into Kaylee’s abdomen, lifting her like a rag doll and slamming her sideways into the mat. They both rise, pause, then switch roles, Kaylee now the aggressor”. This shows that there are female wrestlers in this sport which proves that this is a misconception of wrestling being called a guys sport. The misconception of wrestling being a all boys sport is an untruth and therefore makes the stereotype a misconception. During an Interview with a former wrestler at Madera High School explains “ It’s not all guys there’s female wrestlers too who enjoy the sport like us.” what he is stating here is that female wrestlers like and love the sport just as much as boy wrestlers and it is just not guys who do the sport and this also shows that this is a misconception because the stereotype is that all wrestlers are guys and there are actually females in the sport of wrestling. There are still more stereotypes for
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