What Are Subdivided Flat? Essay

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1.1 Background of Study
What is subdivided flat? Subdivided flats are two or above individual rooms sliced out of a flat of a building. Accounting to Society for Community Organisation(SoCO), more than 40,000 Hong Kong children are living in subdivided flats where can’t fulfil basic living standards set out in a United Nations ' convention (2016).

SoCO (2014) found out that lack of space for children to study and play are common problem in subdivided flats. The interactive play experience with families and peers is also highly reduced due to living environment of subdivided flat. Almost 80% of children have never invited their friend to their home, the main reasons are “lack of space for playing” (80.9%) and “nothing to play” (64.9%). The situation strips their chance to make friends which affects their personality growth. More than 60 % of child have never played with parents and brothers/sisters at home due to the limited activity space and lack of game/toy. These statistic shows that the environment of subdivided flats hinder and worsen the play experience of child.

1.1.1 Research Context
The research focuses on the understanding and improving interactive play experience of children in subdivided flats. This research is cross-disciplinary which the main subjects are design for play and theories of child development.

1.1.2 Theories of Play and Child Development
“Play is an essential play of children development which includes physical, mental,
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