What Are Sweatshops Bad

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Sweatshops are, by definition: a factory or workshop where manual workers are employed at very low wages and work in poor living conditions. They are commonly believed to be completely dreadful and unfavorable, but they have both pros and cons, as most things do. They offer people wages, no matter how low or high, it’s still a relatively stable source of income. But then again, sweatshops are still not ideal, with the treatment of their workers and all. It really depends on whose perspective you are looking from.

Sweatshops are better than nothing. Sure, sweatshops are known for their low wages, poor working conditions and lousy treatment of their workers… but, compared to what? What we compare it to can change people’s perspectives. Take
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Sweatshops are cruel, that much is true. But, it’s a much-needed stepping stone in the development of a country. Take look at the USA, Great Britain, and Germany in the 1700 - 1850’s. Sweatshops were common in those days. But look at how those three countries look like right now, living conditions are good on average and people are earning a relatively reasonable wage. It took them 150 or so years to become the developed countries we see today. But, when these countries were developing, civilization had to be developed, new technologies had to be discovered and things had to be created anew. But now, all the needed technology is out there, which means that future development for other countries will be much quicker. Sweatshops are the foundation for developing a…show more content…
Of course, there are still many places where sweatshops should be improved on. But sweatshops make the citizens of undeveloped countries better off than they would be without them. Critics all over the world will argue that sweatshops violate human rights and give less than the minimum wage requirement, but Great Britain, Germany, the USA all walked the same path, and they stand today as fully developed countries. Sweatshops are the bad, that work for the
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