What Are The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Men Having Paternal Leave With Pay?

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What are the advantage and disadvantage of men having paternal leave with pay? Introduction Paternal leave is an employee benefit available to paid time off work to care for their children. Paternal leave is also call "parental leave" or "family leave" include maternity, paternity, and adoption leave. Paid parental leave has been available as a legal right and/or governmental program for many years, in one form or another. In 2015, the International Labor Organization reviewed parental leave policies in 185 countries and territories. It found that laws vary in whether leave is paid by the employer or through social security for female. However, specific for male paternal leave is usually in developed countries only. There are only 40…show more content…
So the company can save the resource. But, when men also have paternal leave. This makes male have the opportunity to take the paternal leave. This reduces the opportunity cost for hiring male. For employers, the paternity leave is cost-effective employee incentives. Second provide a family friendly situation. Employer let their employee have a paternal leave. This will show the concern to their employee. This can provide a friendly situation for the company. Having a humane policy can improve the scenes of belonging of the company. Many surveys indicate that in the process of birth, whether it is male or female are also facing change on psychological and character. Therefore paternity leave to accompany her husband to his wife Sue, also a partner to provide emotional care, reduce postpartum depression crisis. As the author of around a lot of friends in this Year of the Dragon childbearing, so seeing many fathers and learn to take care of new life and hard work of both the heavy lifting. For these families, legislative and paternity leave, for all family members to reduce stress and avoid emotional disease, and united and harmonious family having a great effect. Men 's paternity leave also can promote partnerships, effective in encouraging the participation of men in the family, to promote coordination on educated parents. Foreign study also pointed out that paternity leave fathers could enhance children 's participation in the future growth process, and help the

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