What Are The Advantage Of Burger King

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Before the last decade Burger King was the greatest competitor to the McDonald’s, but through the last decade Burger King has reduced their market share significantly. According to Advertising Age, “McDonald’s was 101 percent ahead of Burger King in average domestic revenue per unit in 2010, more than double its lead from 10 years earlier”. Burger King started to go down in early 2000s, then company has passed into different owners and their imprudent advertising and marketing strategies let them down again.
In that period Burger King’s greatest rival McDonald’s has broaden their menu considering various trends arising at that time such as special drinks, coffee drinks, ice cream shakes and various types salads to attract health considering
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Some child protection campaigns forced them to not to show this overly sexual ad. Mexicans offended because of another advertisement which depicted a small Mexican guy living with a tall American guy. The Mexican was wearing the Mexican flag as his cloak, Mexicans respect their flag and they have rules on how to use their flag.
Not only advertisements let them down but some pricing issues also were there to support it. In some instance they priced a burger for $ 190 idea was setting such a large price to emphasize their quality of products to the customers but that went wrong. And their biggest mistake was that they were mostly focusing on young males 18-34 years but statistics depicted that actually 29% of their customers were over 50yrs old people.
Burger King was managed have some growth by 2008 in the industry but due to above mentioned failures in marketing they had fallen behind again in year 2009. Following these incidents their marketing chief resigned from the company, also another executives resigned from the company following him. In 2011 they have detached with their advertisement agency after seven years. And Burger King attached with a new advertisement agency. But at that time they were too late, in late 2011 Burger King lost their number 2 position in the market to

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