What Are The Advantage Of Online Shopping

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1. INTRODACTION: In the modern world, shopping through the Internet becomes extremely popular between the consumers. The reasons behind becoming so popular are instead of travelling around the world to get a specific goods, now you can get it through online shopping and save time, get different variety of goods, easy to access and to pay through credit cards. The online shopping recently became one of the regular behaviors of the Internet users, especially in Saudi Arabia. The amazing growth of the Internet users, lead to an incredibly increase of the online shops. In the united state, 79%of the Internet consumers shops online. Also, The highest percentage of consumers using the online shops is in Korea. Almost 99% of Korean Internet population…show more content…
Another advantage of the online shopping is the huge amount of goods that the consumers can choose from. Most of the online shops have filters to specify exactly what the consumer want and give him/her some suggestions to help choose the best product. According to the research finding, the majority of the participants, which they are 48% agreed on finding the online shopping experiences, is effortless more than the physical shopping. However only 22% feels that physical shopping is better for them, they aren't comfortable with the way the online shops work, and they prefer the traditional method to buy their goods.30% of the participants have a neutral opinion about the easy access of the online shops and actually shop and find the actual goods the consumer want. These result shows that the accessibility factor is actually a positive factor that affect the consumers behavior in a good way toward to online shopping 4.3 PRICE AND PROMOTIONS: Shopping through the online shops can –in some cases- reduce the amount of the goods.
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