What Are The Advantages And Disadvantage Of Polymers

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Polymers are all around us, a fact that we cannot deny. Polymers are used by everyone of all ages. Man has used natural polymers throughout history, but it is only in the last 60 years that we have been able to make our own synthetic polymers. Polymers have been used vastly in many industrial applications until now. However, like any other organic compounds, polymer burn readily in presence of oxygen, and generally thermoplastics are worse than thermoset materials. The flammability of polymers can limit their applications. Fire safety concerns regarding flammability of polymers has put specific and strict requirements for certain types of application, for example in enclosed and inescapable areas, namely airplane cabin. Though lightweight and high performance polymeric materials are…show more content…
Vinyl bromide (added to PMMA as flame retardant).
Flame retardants are widely used in the world right now as to prevent fire from occurring easily. Inorganic flame retardants mostly have no health and environmental issue, but for halogenated flame retardants, some of the countries have banned the usage of it.
For the mineral oxide flame retardants, it is shown that mineral oxide or any inorganic fillers will reduce the flammable content of the product, and modifies its thermal conductivity and its thermophysical properties to slow down the combustion of the product. The example of product using mineral oxide flame retardants is low-smoke cable compound.
Halogenated polymer such as brominated flame retardants are widely used in plastics and textile industry because of its effectiveness. But most of brominated flame retardants have big issues with the environment and health. Some brominated flame retardants were identified as persistent, bio-accumulative, and toxic towards human and the environment. As an example, fire fighters which were exposed to brominated fire retardants during firefighting operations were found to have cancer that exceeds
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