What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear energy By: Rashed Mohammed ALALAWI-00034630 Ahmed Abdulla ALNOUIMI-00033884 Introduction: The electricity now is the most important thing. As we reaching of high level of knowledge we should invent a new thing that will help the human nation and improve them and save the other recourses that will not be renewable so we should find other recourses like nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is power that produced by nuclear reaction to produce heat. Nuclear energy uses uranium to create steam and generate electricity by two ways. nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. In nuclear fusion, energy is released when atoms are combined or fused together to form a greater atom. An example of that The sun produces energy by the same way. On the other hand in nuclear fission, atoms are split and create…show more content…
Cheap Electricity The cost of uranium which is used as a fuel in generating electricity is very low. The average life of nuclear reactor ranges from 4-60 years depending upon its usage. Also, set up costs of nuclear power plants is relatively high while running cost is low. These factors when combined make the cost of producing electricity very low. Even if the cost of uranium increases, the increase in cost of electricity will be much lower. Disadvantages of Nuclear Energy 1. Non Renewable Uranium is the mean material to generate electricity from nuclear energy but the problem of that the uranium is a fixed resource and it can not be found easily. Most of the countries trust on other countries for the constant supply of this fuel. It is mined and transported like any other metal. Supply will be available as long as it is there. Once all extracted, nuclear plants will not be of any use. Due to its dangerous effects and fixed supply, it cannot be called as renewable. 2. Nuclear Radiation When the nuclear energy released, it produce radiation that can affect the human body, but it should be contained to avoid the hazards. 3. Radioactive
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