What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Puninic War

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Introduction Carthage was a commercial empire which capital was located at the North of Africa where now is the country of Tunisia. The territory of the Carthaginian Empire included islands of the Mediterranean like parts of Sicily and territories in Spain, making it a threat to the Roman ambitious of conquering the Mediterranean. Although both countries were comparable in military power and economic strength the two nations had different military advantages: Carthage had a strong naval power while Rome had almost no naval power, but had a stronger ground force. This situation led to an inevitably conflict between Rome and Carthage which spanned three wars (called Punic Wars). The First Punic War started around 264 BC and ended at 241 BC,…show more content…
Around 264 BC a diplomatic incident caused Carthage to ally with Syracuse and declare war to Rome. Considering the vast amount of power that Carthage had on sea, Rome soon realized that it would need to increase its naval power in order to defeat its enemy. According to Morey "The Romans saw that they must either give up the war, or else build a fleet equal to that of the Carthaginians". So, they rushed to build new fleets in order to battle with Carthage in the sea. After many battles both in sea and in land, including a failed attempt of Rome to defeat Carthage in their own land, the north of Africa, the war ended with Rome capturing the island of Sicily and receiving money as compensation from the war costs from Carthage. Although Rome won this war Carthage was still a powerful empire and both nations knew that more battles would come until one of them could achieve power hegemony in the…show more content…
The Second Punic War started by an attack of Hannibal, the commander of Carthage at the time, against one of Roman allies in Spain. At that time the Roman government was already worried about the recent expansion of Carthage territory in Europe, mostly in Spain. The Second Punic War almost led Rome to ruins, but in the end they managed to win the war and defeat Carthage. The result was an expanded empire and the defeat of the former great power Carthage. Winning the Second Punic War was decisive to enable Rome to further expand its territory. It made them the hegemonic power in Mediterranean and neutralized Carthage to the point that they were not even a threat to Rome anymore. The Third Punic War was short and consisted of the conquest of the remaining lands of Carthage and the enslavement of the entire Carthaginian population. Conclusion At the time of the First Punic War the two nations were almost equals in military and economic strength. Their armies had different advantages: Carthage was a naval power and Rome was stronger in land battles. This war caused the Roman Empire to invest in their navy in order to defeat Carthage, which was important to assure the Roman dominion and hegemony in the Mediterranean. The Rome was succeeded in defeating Carthage in this war and annexed the island of Sicily. However, the hostilities between the two nations did not end there. Carthage was still a powerful empire and it was necessary

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