What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Microfluidics?

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As recently described by Whiteside (2016), systems that involve the manipulation or process of small volume and amounts of fluids (10-9 – 10-18 liters) through a channel proportional to it can be considered or defined as microfluidics technology. It uses small size of particles and flow characteristics of fluid such as laminar flow in microchannel to manipulate particle behavior [1]. This resulted in the significant advancement in the field of bio-medicine especially through the development and discovery of newer methods of analysis, which is certainly without a doubt due to microfluidic technology and science [2].

This technology provides significant advantages over conventional technologies, including (1) reduced sample and reagent volumes, (2)
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These techniques are proven to be accurate and viable for the proposed applications. However, majority of these techniques, however, have not been implemented in commercial microfluidics devices and applications, presumably because of complexity or low sample throughput[8].
Inertial focusing, which is considered to be a passive method, will have several advantage compared to other techniques. Some of the main advantages of inertial focusing are:
i. Reduced complexity of the overall system in microfluidic devices. ii. Rapid continuous processing of samples and reagents. iii. Easily produced in relation to existing and advance fabrication method.
Although microfluidic device based on a passive method is very simple, several methods face the problem of low throughput. Inertial focusing method is proven to have a considerably higher throughput [3], and might be the solution to some of the challenges faced by different techniques.

The main objectives of this study are to conduct numerical modelling of particle in a microchannel. The detail objectives of the study are:
i. To produced 3-dimensional modelling and simulations of the fluid dynamics and the motion of particles in an asymmetrically curved
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