What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Private Or Public University

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After graduating from high school, there will be lots of challenges that every student has to achieve to get higher education. Especially, the biggest challenge of all is choosing university. There is an enormous number of decisions that need to be made between things such as: Low vs. high tuition, urban vs. suburban – and the list will never end. And perhaps the most important one is choosing private or public university. There are even more than hundred advantages and disadvantages for both. We have broken down some common similarities and highlighted the differences between these two to help you make the best decision that is good for you. However, before that people should not forget that they must know the definition of public university…show more content…
The libraries, the size of classrooms, cafeterias, and maybe some methods using in study of private universities are usually more modern than the ones in public universities. The reason has something to do with the fee of university. The private one is likely to have more money which is provided by many sources and therefore it will help the private university to cover the needs of their students. On the other hand, the low fees of public university do not support enough financial to provide the needs of their students. In fact, the financial support from the government for public universities is quite inadequate; in some Africa countries, the public university even don’t have the source to buy new modern devices or book and magazines to expand their libraries for the purpose of study (Quartz Africa). Another factor to consider when choosing between a public and private university is the size of the school. Generally, private universities tend to be smaller than their public counterparts. According to the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, the average size of private colleges in America is 1,920 students, while the average size of public universities is 43,186 students, according to U.S. News and World
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