What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Teaching And Study?

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The first activity is about words and pictures. Forming a pair with someone else and one draws while the other writes the description of a room. This task may be useful as the text suggests, “images and video give information that can only be provided visually” , however, in my opinion, this activity should be kept in middle school and not in upper secondary school where it is not useful. The second activity, video dictionary is clearly not useful for students who are studying English. One reason being that the time it would take someone to just make a video about a word is too much and another reason is that, clearly stated in the text, this activity was only used for beginner L2 students. The third activity was about visiting a web page and read its…show more content…
Unless there the need to find information about assignments that required the internet, we would be using our textbooks and when we had the chance of using the internet, we were super happy to be able to use the library computers. For us, it was rare to watch videos about certain subjects. Sometimes our teacher would bring this big television and put in a VHS cassette and play an old informative video about biology. Whenever we had the chance to use technology in school, we were very excited because it did not happen so often. Although there are many advantages for using technology to teach or study, there are also many hazards. The disadvantages are that, instead of doing the task or assignment, the student may end up doing something else such as being in Facebook or YouTube or another website. Another disadvantage is that during class, the student get distracted by a computer and not pay attention to the teacher. In the long term for elementary and middle school, technology such as computers or tablets may be bad for the students because they will do everything on them. In the worst case, they might not be able to write properly
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