What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Family In A Family

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Growing up in a large family is an amazing, frustrating, hectic, and educational experience. There is so much going on that it feels as if you are on a rollercoaster that rarely slows down. There is so much that you can learn from family members, although you may not notice that that's what is happening majority of the time. The different dynamics within sibling relationships allow you to experience various feelings, rivalries, and growing experiences. In my family, there are a few specific group which I can split my siblings into: the best friend siblings, the competitive siblings, the sibling who looks up to me, and the sibling I rarely see. Each different category of sibling plays a different role in the way I choose to live my life.
The best friend sibling is typically one who is close in age and shares similar interests. Often you share friends and might end up running into them at social events. When with family you naturally gravitate towards each other, keeping each other sane and keeping crazy aunt jude from asking a few
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You may not even realize that it is happening because ever since you can remember there has just been that constant, unpronounced pressure. In everything you do, they just happen to be there right behind you. The competitive sibling is typically just a bit younger than you. They have watched you grow up and start to participate in activities, and as that happened they decided they wanted to do the same things, but they want to do them better. They do not want to ever live in your shadow so they push themselves, consequently pushing you. They are not trying to be better than you because they are selfish, because they are trying to take your spotlight, but rather because they want to be like you. As much as they hate to admit it, they look up to you. Your like a hero to them. You do things that they have never gotten do experience; as soon as they are old enough, they want to do it
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