What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fuels

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In this modern world, we are becoming more dependable on fuels to power our cars and homes. While we have many fuels available to us, we need to find out about more of these to see what is the best option for us to use. The main types of fuels that we use are fossil fuels, biofuels, hydrogen gas, and biodiesel. As well as these there are also a number of other fuels such as natural gas, P series fuels and solar power. We will find out more about these fuels and their advantages and disadvantages in this essay. The most common fuels that are used today are petrol, diesel and LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). All three of these fuels are non-renewable fuels. This means that once they are used they cannot be recycled or reproduced and there is no modern way of reproducing them. Petrol is the only fuel which is sourced naturally as it is found in large underground reservoirs however before you can use it, it must be refined. Both LPG and diesel are sourced by refining processes. LPG is sourced by oil refining or can be extracted during the natural gas production. Diesel is commonly called distillate because it is a by-product of kerosene. All three are different petroleum by-products and have different amounts of hydrocarbons in them. They all need to be refined before they can be used in internal combustion engines. Increasingly, biofuels are becoming the most popular fuels on the planet due to their pure nature and because they are easy to source. Biofuels are liquid fuels that
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