What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biometrics

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There are many biometric techniques in existence today. Face recognition technology is one of them which make use of computer software to determine the identity of the person. Today conservative methods of identification like possession of certain type of identity cards, use of passwords etc. are not at all reliable for identity purposes where security is a critical factor. There is no surety in the fact that person using ATM card to withdraw money from any ATM machine is actual owner of the card. When credit and ATM cards are lost or stolen, it is not a big game for the unauthorized user to make an accurate guess of the correct personal codes. It is a common practice between we people that despite of strict warning we continue to choose easily guessed PIN's and passwords. Often we prefer our birthdays, cell numbers, house numbers and vehicle numbers. Identity cards can be lost, fake or misplaced and passwords can be forgotten or compromised. But a face is unquestionably connected to its owner. Face does not suffer the limitations of been borrowed, stolen or easily copied. Face recognition technology is the fastest and least intrusive biometric technology. Human face is one such part of the human body that can help…show more content…
• Reduced fraud - It becomes extremely difficult for somebody to willingly give up his or her biometric data, so sharing identities is virtually impossible. In addition, because it becomes necessary to expose one’s own biometric data (i.e. your own face), potential fraudsters are reluctant to attempt false verification. • Cost reduction. By replacing plastic swipe cards, all cost associated with producing, distributing and replacing a lost card is completely
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