What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electricity Sector?

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The global electricity sector is now facing major challenges i.e. exponentially increasing electricity demand, fight against climatic changes and increasing trends towards massive urbanization. The first challenge of ever mounting demands results in continuous depletion of traditional power generation sources; these are centralized power generation like thermal power plants i.e. combustion (coal, oil, natural), nuclear power plants etc. and are not suited for environmental and cost issues. The second challenge relates to the regulation of Greenhouse gas emission. These gases are responsible for increasing the global temperature. Two third of the global emission are carbon emissions linked to the energy sector. The third major
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• If DG’s are installed with proper allocation and with proper size, they will relieve overloads of feeder.
• Reduction in the overall costs.
• It becomes easier to find the site for small generators.
• Gas turbines, internal combustion engines methods for small generators have been perfected and are widely practiced and others renewable resources like water, wind solar energies are also finding wider application in recent years.
• Proper allocation and sizing of DG will improve the voltage profile of electrical power system and reduces losses in the system.
• Increased utilization of transmission and distribution network capacity because DG’s units are closer to consumers and this will reduces the stress on transmission system.
• Combined heat and power group do not require large and expensive heat networks.
• DG’s installation time is less and investment risks are also not so high.
• If DG’s are properly allocated, they will improve system reliability and power quality.
• Improvement in the system
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