What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Singapore Airlines

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1. Introduction
Being a global company founded in the year 1972, Singapore Airlines has become one of the world’s largest and most successful airlines over the last forty years, focusing on providing a well rounded customer experience and ultimate luxury service, with their tagline “A Great Way To Fly”.

Singapore airlines has come a long way since its modest beginning in 1947, originated from Malayan Airway Limited. Owned by a state owned investment house, Temasek Holdings, Singapore Airlines commenced operations from the new Terminal 2 at Singapore Changi Airport on November 22, 1990. Changi Airport, their home base, serves as their gateway to Asia and beyond, with over sixty destinations in nearly thirty-five countries across six continents. Having earned many industry and travel awards for eighteen consecutive
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Hence, there is always an opportunity to adopt new technology and implement them to enhance customer experience. Besides, the use of technology is more of a boon than a bane in aircrafts as it helps to lower fuel consumption and improve efficiency while keeping the cost of airline operations low.

On the other hand, Singapore Airlines has recently just launched an all-new mobile application for both Android and Apple smartphones users to enable them to check the flight schedules and book their flights. This application is meant to run to suit the convenience of customers and also an effort made to maximize customers’ experiences across digital touch points (Singapore Airlines, 2015).

2.5 Environmental
Unfortunately, in terms of the impact of greenhouse gases per passenger mile, airplanes produce far more carbon dioxide than any other forms of public transport, causing the temperature of the Earth to rise, which amplifies the impact of aviation on global warming. (Clark,

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