What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Statistical Population

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“A sample is a finite part of a statistical population whose properties are studied to gain information about the whole” (Webster, 1985). When dealing with people/population, it can be defined as a set of respondents (people) selected from a larger population for the purpose of a survey or study. Whereas population can be defined as larger group of individuals selected to participate in a survey or study. Sampling Methods can be classified into two main categories:
• Probability Sampling
• Non-probability Sampling Further, main categories can be divided into their sub-categories as mentioned in the diagram.

 Probability Sampling:
It is the best method to achieve representative sample in which sample has an acknowledge chance
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Systematic sampling: Selecting every Kth subject or item from the list of population is called systematic sampling. Whereas value of k (the sampling interval) can be calculated as: k= N/n
(“n” is the sample size, and “N” is the population size).
 very easily done
 This technique provides a degree of control and sense of process to researchers.
 Do not give equal chance of being selected to some members of population.
 There is a greater risk of data manipulation.

For example, if researcher want to sample 10 houses from a street of 140 houses. 140/10=14, therefore every 14th house will be chosen after a random starting point between 1 and 14.
 Non-probability Sampling:
Sample does not has an acknowledge chance of being selected as in convenience or voluntary response surveys. Most researchers may be bounded by time, and money. Such limitations do not allows the researcher to randomly sample the entire population so they choose non-probability sampling in which all the members in the population do not receive equal chances of being selected.
1. Convenience sampling: The process of including people who are very easy to reach or whoever happens to be available in the study called accidental or convenience sampling. This type of sampling is more useful for pilot
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