What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Communication

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Task 1A
Communication offline and online can be quite different, it seems like more and more of the population prefer the digital way of communicating.
Online communication can be very practical, easy and fun. Talking to a friend is as easy as clicking a few buttons on your phone, instead of having to go through the stress of travelling to the other person and talking face to face. Living far away from your friends is less annoying than before. Before the age of smartphones and technology, you would again have to meet your friend face to face. Luckily, we live in 2017 and now you can just call them or chat with them online whenever you want. And by the way, you avoid the chance of having an “awkward silence”, which is a big plus.
Offline communication also has its pros. The fact that you can see the face of the person you’re talking to is nice. Sarcasm is easier to read, since the other person can see that you’re joking, instead of them thinking
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I logged off the OASIS and went back to the “stack”, but there was no prize waiting for me there. I went to my OASIS console, but no prize was found. Out of hope, I laid down in my bed and thought long and hard about where the prize could be. I grabbed a pen and paper, which probably no one else has done in the last two-hundred years. On the paper, I drew a timeline. A timeline of my life. It started with being born, living with his mom and dad, his dad mysteriously disappearing, going to public-school and then moving to the OASIS-school system. I quickly realised that living with my mom and dad was the happiest time of my life. So, my old home must be the place that truly means the most to me, and it was there I was headed. The phone in my pocket vibrated, there was a notification sent to every participant of the competition. Player One released the clue he told me a few hours ago, to everyone. Millions of people were now searching for the prize, but I had a head
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