What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Evolution And Structure Of American Families?

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Since the nineteenth century began, the American family has gone through many changes. Among the many changes that researchers have studied, a few of these changes have been very apparent. The evolution and structure of American households have never seemed to be more diverse than they are now in these modern times. Families have become more racially, religiously, and ethnically diverse (Angier, 2013). Although some still frown upon it, one marrying another person of a different race is much more common and accepted now. Individuals of different religions will marry one another and find ways to make it work. People from different cultures have also come together and formed families. Overall, today’s society seems to be much more accepting than in the beginning of the nineteenth century. These changes in American families have effected and will continue to affect our children and their…show more content…
Disadvantages are to also be expected with change because not everything is bound to go right the first time. In my opinion some of the disadvantages are the exact impact that comes from those that choose to devalue diversity. People of diversity go through scrutiny from people not willing to accept them and if not given the proper help, it can affect how they grow as a person. I also think this limits the person who is not open to diversity themselves in many ways. If you are not open to listening and valuing the opinions of other people just because they are different than you, then how are you able to progress in any manner other than your own? The concept of diversity can get rather complicated because you can be diverse as an individual and also be in a diverse group (Jones, Dovidio, & Vietze, 2013). If you’re against diversity from the start, you’re bound to cause an issue for yourself or for
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