What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Business?

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Practika is a furniture selling shop in Lahore. And plan to star their operation online. So, they consider advantage and disadvantage of online business. They think the whole world is moving toward the online shopping and selling. So, online selling is very important in this business. But they think there a lot of competitor in the market already. So, their product should the best and their service also good otherwise there are no space for them in the market. But their research about other available platform suggests that there are no good quality and no good webpage. So, this is the reason that they start their business online.
What should organization do?
 First, organization define their mission and vision before starting the online business. Because mission vision helps to start and achieve the goal of the
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But it is not obvious to your managers what behavior is expected from them. Top and senior management need to create an understanding that the change is needed now. A Strategy clarification and implementation planning workshop helps you clarify your strategy, identify the key changes needed and plan an effective companywide Business Transformation Programmer with your top management.
These are following steps:
1. Ask the Right Questions: This is the most important step when developing an integrated online marketing strategy and plan. Without a clear and in-depth understanding of why marketing is important for the business, it’s nearly impossible to prioritize the different marketing activities and determine whether you’ve hit meaningful goals for your organization.
2. Identify the problem statement and the meaningful goals the marketing wants to impact: Once we have an in-depth understanding of your goals and objectives, we should then be able to explicitly identify the problem the organization is facing, as well as the meaningful goals we want to
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