What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology In Education

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.Technology has become such an integrated part of our lives that it has impossible to raise children without inducting it in their lives, its effects are visible in so many spheres of our existence. Technology is even becoming a part of the education system with many schools in South Africa becoming modernised with things such as tablets and interactive whiteboards, there are still many flaws to this system which is the reason why so many parents are against the permanent implementation of technologicaly advanced education,even though the advantages are also endless. In the following assignment the advantages and disadvantages will be researched by the researchers while looking at socio-economic status, gender equality and cultural backgrounds respectively.

Teachers have expressed their concern about the introduction of technology at preschool level due to research showing many consequences which will be discussed, a decrease in the quality of their eyesight in the future, as the eyes constantly have to adjust between the brightness of the computed screen and
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This has an immense impact on girl's interest in technology once they are introduced to it causing them to be resistant to the change in school, leading to under average marks as they are unable to study to their fullest productivity. Another massive influence that can be seen, is in the history of science, as most of the scientists were men and it was unacceptable for women to even consider going into a technological or scientific field, in some cultures this expectation is still relevant, causing girls to avoid the field of technology (Trajkovski,
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