What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of 3d Printing

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Abstract—This paper discusses the upcoming trend of 3 -dimensional printing in the field of electronics. The use of 3-D printing technology has resulted in rapid fabrication of circuits with accurate component placement and electrical interconnection. More sophisticated 3-D printing technology can be used to manufacture parts with direct end use application resulting in easy replacement rapidly.3-Dimensional printing if employed could reduce the development time of prototypes of complex electronic components. Keywords—3D printing,additive manufacturing, INTRODUCTION Electronics like every other field of science follows the principle of “change is inevitable “.This motto has resulted in emerging trends in this field. Few emerging trends like Internet of…show more content…
6.Rows of 3D printers in factory floors. 4.1. Advantages of 3-D printing over Normal Printing. • Ability to customize products: With the desired raw material, a 3D printer, and the required blueprint, one can “manufacture” any object one wants, with the specifications and design of one’s choice. • Rapid production of prototypes: 3D printing enables quick production of prototypes or small-scale versions of the real object. The printing of some products can be done within minutes. This helps researchers and engineers plan the actual object and catch any design flaws that may affect quality and functionality. • Low cost of production: Although the initial cost of setting up a 3D printing facility may be high, the cost of the 3D printer is remunerated through the overall savings in the form of labour costs and time saved. Equal effort for small-scale and mass manufacturing ensures that the cost of production is relatively low. • No storage cost: Since 3D printers can “print” products as and when needed, there is no expense on storage of goods is required. Also models for printing can be made using computer aided modeling (CAD) and there is no storage required for the models as
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