What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Mongols

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The categories might be different aspects of Mongol life. Within each category, decide whether, in your opinion, Mongol practice or belief was positive or negative. Operating from the backs of horses, Mongol warriors swept across much of Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. For an additional twenty years Temuchin fought to bring the Mongol clans of the region under one leadership. The First Wave: North China and Ancient Persia Genghis Khan's first serious target was the Chin armies of north China in 1211. Slaughter was so great that the EM PIR E IN CH Caspia a ary rD Sy ar Amu D n Se a ck US AS TS. UC M CA a Se a Bl UR AL MT S. Below is a short sketch of Mongol history. With north China under his control, Genghis next attacked his neighbors to the west - the Uighurs, the Kara-Khi tai, the Marco Polo Rockets sets off Used in to vist Mongol-China Kubilai Khan War Mongols Black Death Withdraw arrives in Death of from Europe Paris Kubilai Khan 1232 1241 1271 This page may be reproduced for classroom use 1294 1348 119 SV Background Essay Mongols DBQ 4 of 15 Merkits, the Kipchaks. Initially Genghis Khan and the Shah of Khwarazm worked out a peaceful trade agreement, but then a Mongol caravan of 150 traders entering Khwarazm from Mongolia was murdered by one of the Shah's governors. What followed was a Mongol onslaught that raked over the land of the Khwarazm Shah. Ogedei ordered the building of a Mongol capital called Karakorum, and afterward itched for further conquest.

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