What Are The Advantages Of Acrylic Mugs

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Plastic & Acrylic
Using promotional acrylic and plastic mugs is a practical way of marketing your business since the products will be appreciated by the recipients who’ll use them on a daily basis.
Difference Between Plastic And Acrylic
Plastic is a general term for material consisting of a wide range of synthetic and semi-synthetic organic compounds that are malleable, hence can be moulded into different solid objects. Depending on the chemical process used in their synthesis, different types of plastic can be made, characterised by their hardness, resistance to heat, tensile strength, density and glass transition temperature. One such type is acrylic plastic.
Acrylic is moulded plastic that has great clarity and transparency, making it a great substitute for glass since it’s also shatter proof. You should however be careful when handling acrylic mugs because they could crack or break when dropped. This type of plastic is safe to use given that it’s BPA-free, and will not yellow with time. Additionally, its colours are weather and sunlight resistant, making it a high quality material for personalised promotional mugs.
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This makes them ideal promotional items which Santa can distribute to kids during office Christmas parties. Parents will definitely appreciate them because they’ll not only last long, but will be appropriate kids’ drinkware. Plastic mugs are also scratch-resistant, giving them a long life span.
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