What Are The Advantages Of Canada's Trade Alliances

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Canada’s trade alliances with other nations and the advantages derived from it
Apart from the free trade alliances with the U.S, Canada is also seen to possess agreements such as TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and CETA (Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement). These trade agreements have facilitated creating strategic alliances with a number of nations such as Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia. Additionally strategic alliances have also been facilitated with many European nations19. Apart from reduction in tariff rates, trade of services, intellectual property and investments have become much more regulated and transparent. Expansion into Canada would therefore enable the companies to take advantage of such free trade agreements and develop alliances globally20. Since such trade alliances have strengthened the economy, infrastructural development in the nation has been quite rapid. Ease in business operations has therefore been facilitated. Additionally, access of new foreign markets have also become easy12.
Canada’s Electronics Industry Overview
External factors impacting the industry
Continued infrastructural investments by the governments in the area of network expansion had helped in the attraction of investments and growth of
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In terms of retailers, Best Buy is one of the largest players in the electronic segment of Canada24. Specialised retailers such as Apple and online retailers such as Amazon and eBay have also emerged as strong players in Canada, especially after the fall of Blackberry. Competition in the electronics market is mainly governed by price and innovation17. Brands which are able to provide better transmission of data, voice and video are seen to be able to attract greater market share. Wearable and wireless devices have also gathered much
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