What Are The Advantages Of E-Commerce

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Consumer to business electronic commerce involves consumers selling products or services to businesses. You've taken part in this form of e-commerce if you've ever completed a paid online survey where you've given your opinion about a product. Eg: Finally, there is consumer to consumer e-commerce, which is where consumers sell products to other consumers. An example would be one consumer selling something that he or she no longer needs or wants to another consumer via a site like Ebay. Eg: Quickr E-Commerce Advantages E-Commerce Advantages for Customers • Convenience. Every kind of product is available on the internet. Type in the product you are looking for into your favorite search engine and every option will appear …show more content…

With e-commerce there is no driving in circles while looking and digging in hopes of finding what you need. Allows you to apply filters and search directly for what you want. Stores online offer their full line as well as use warehouses instead of store fronts—products are easy to locate and can be delivered to your door in just a few days. • Options, options, options! Without driving from store to store the consumer can easily compare and contrast products. See who offers the best pricing and have more options to choose from. While a physical store has limited space, the same store on the internet has no space constraints and hence offers a wide variety. • Easy to compare. Side by side comparisons are readily available and easy to do. When products are placed online, they come with all the specifics, and they want you to compare them with others, know they have the best options and come back for more! Allows you to compare two products on the same parameters. • Easy to find reviews. Because the competition is high, companies online want you to look at other consumer reviews. Customer reviews add credibility to the product. Good and bad reviews are on every site, not only can you see if the product is liked, you can also see the reasons behind the thumbs up or

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