What Are The Advantages Of Formal Structure

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Each organizations when its start any type of business, they have goal to achieve to success their organizations, in additional of the organizational to reach the goal will need a group of people to help them to success the missions. The organization will create organizational structure to make the group of people in these organizations to understand their duties and responsibilities. This organizational structure will be chart display in the organization to illustrate the positions of each people in the organization and the relationship, coordination and the ranks between them in terms of work progress. The highest person on the organizational structure is always on the top of the chart he / she will be the decision maker and the leadership…show more content…
Avoids duplications of effort: - formal organization help in avoiding duplication of effort due the clarity in the rules and duties of each member. Unity of command: - in formal structure the unity of command through the formal organization it has been establish by the top management as chain of command on the organization so the employees will know who reports to whom. Achievements of objective: - formal structure leads to effective accomplishment of goals and achievements through systematic allocation of duties and responsibilities to each employee. Stability: - due the business development any business can face any changes of work progress, formal organization provide stability to an organization, so a business enterprise can keep operating in spite of changes in work force. Example of formal organization: - airline company such as Oman air. Example of informal organization: - Oman air football
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