What Are The Advantages Of Swarm Robotics

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ADVANCES IN SWARM ROBOTICS AND THE STABILITY OF A SWARM Sudhansh Aggarwal 120907494, Dept. of Electronics and Communication Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal University INTRODUCTION Swarm robotics is the new approach to the coordination of multi-robot systems that consists of many relatively smaller robots. The inspiration of this is the social behaviour of many animals and insects like ants, geese etc. the terms “Swarm Intelligence” refers to the collective behaviour that is the outcome of the work of the smaller individuals, each acting autonomously. Swarm intelligence is a property of systems of non-intelligent exhibiting a collectively intelligent behaviour. Since the 1980’s, swarm robotics has become a major area of research. As new solution approaches are being developed and validated, it is often possible to realize the advantages of swarm robotic systems. In a paper by Dudek et al…show more content…
In supervised learning an operator is required. The learner of these types of algorithms learns as the operator tells it the correct operation for certain situations.in unsupervised learning, the learner is given little or no feedback from the operator or the environment. This is useful for situations where the environment is unknown or can’t be predicted and the robots must constantly adapt to the tasks and situations at hand. Task Allocation Assigning tasks to the member robots of the swarm to do the task productively and efficiently and productively is known as task allocation. While assigning tasks to the robots not only does the task have to be completed, but the work should also be distributed efficiently among the swarm. It should consider the available resources, see what has to be optimized, check the capabilities of the robots and then assign the tasks accordingly. Both homogenous and heterogeneous swarms could be used for certain operations. STABILITY OF A
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