What Are The Approaches Of Nestle

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The successful of the Nestle Company since 1866 from it startup till now is actually based on the good planning by the managerial decision in the organization. However, the most important part is they make the people in the organization is an important part in running its business. There is two fundamental documents in the company that is The Nestle Corporate Business Principles and the Nestle Management and Leadership Principles which is both are lay down principles that permeate the whole of the Nestle group. While, both document is the Nestle Company policies and strategies that they need to follow and also become the set of tone and style for the company approach in running the business.

The change approach
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Refer to the P. Brabeck-Letmathe that is Chairman of the Board and Chief Exceutive Officer in The Nestle Management and Leadership Principle’s document wrote that every employee of Nestle has both an individual and complementary role to play in building the company of…show more content…
Organizational development is a set of behavioral science techniques designed to plan and implement change in work settings (Lunenburg, 2010). Planned change that were mention before this is showed that the changes of the Nestle Company is the result to accomplish their change goals. For examples, Nestle believe in creating long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with our suppliers and retail trade customers when the focus of the organization was always the long term rather than the short term
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