What Are The Arguments Against Planned Parenthood

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Planned Parenthood: Is it really a woman’s choice? Paul Ryan and a group of GOP leaders have made a statement to and along with other news broadcast, that in order stay within our nation’s budget Trump’s plan is to defund planned parenthood as soon as possible because we have other sources for women’s care as well sexual reproductive health for both men and women. From what I have noticed, that with the statistic rate of unplanned pregnancies and the poverty rate rising in the United States should show how important this organization is to the women as well as couples who need affordable help with birth control options. I have researched many online interviews as well as having physical evidence that this organization is a good resource…show more content…
Planned Parenthood does not always mean “abortion, baby killers, inhumane organization” it’s an organization built by Margaret Sange and Ethel Bryne to give assistance to women and men for any type of sexual reproductive health concerns. I feel strongly about this topic because I believe that women should have a choice on what they want to do with their own bodies. I would like to introduce this topic in a logos appeal with facts and statistics on how often this organization has been used for birth control reasons versus abortion. Logos appeal will help my audience see the true facts about this organization and how it started, but to also inform what will happen if this organization were to be defunded. I also want to use the ethos appeal because there are many statements and research about the experience of going to a Planned Parenthood clinic. Most people would believe that Planned Parenthood is a “cold, and dark” place to go to with inexperienced nurses and doctors who are doing the abortions as well as giving advice on prenatal care/ birth control options. I have personal experience with this issue, as well as outside influences from friends who are nurses, parents, conservative religious leaders, and also family. I will be more than happy to use my interviews throughout…show more content…
I think the way to answer this is by stating what the GOP leaders have said during their speech on the plan to defund. Where will women and couples go for HIV testing as well as birth control if they cannot afford a doctor’s visit? I would answer this question to inform the audience of the reality we have today. Is congress really in control of what women decide to do with their bodies? Do anti-abortion activists only see what they want to see or are they willing to understand and research the opponents’ view of defunding Planned Parenthood? Has our president done his research on the statistics of unplanned pregnancies during the 16 day shutdown of Planned Parenthood? What kind of argument are pro-choice activists making when being faced with anti-abortion leaders? I would hope to answer this by stating facts and personal experience with people who have a common ground with anti-abortion leaders. There is plenty that both groups can agree on if they choose to agree. What I would like to learn is that how can we find a common ground to both parties and possibly move the pro-life activist to understand why defunding Planned Parenthood is a bad idea. I also would like to learn the pros and cons of defunding Planned Parenthood to better understand the opposing view on this issue. Can Planned Parenthood hold its own organization without
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