What Are The Arguments For And Against Lowering The Drinking Age Essay

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At birth we have an approximate of 350 bones in our skeleton and as we age we fuse our bones to have a total of 206 as adults. With that said, as adults we are allowed to drink alcohol and stay out late and drive. Doing all said activities when you're an adult can possibly lead to death. Many would argue that the age of responsibility or “adulthood” is defined when a person reaches the age of 18. Others would say that the age of 18 is a bad age to start and be an adult. We aren’t allowed to consume alcohol until age 21. With becoming 18 we have the option to whether or not to go to college or start working. Even earlier, at age 16, we are given the option to drive a car. So for people to say that 18 is a bad age to be considered an adult is…show more content…
For those many consequences, they’ve implemented a restriction as to when our allowed to drink. As many people would suggest that lowering the drinking age would help with lowering the cases of drunk driving and other crimes, the better thing to do is to leave it as is. Many argue that drinking alcohol overall is just a bad idea. It has lead to 31% of all traffic deaths each year and we should not let minors drink until they reach the age of 21, with that said, a certain person’s bias is based on which side he took when writing this assignment. Well as people might have noticed, to be allowed to drink, you have to first considered an adult, well in other countries the age to drink are lower and even higher, so the question is, is there a correct drinking are and when should we, the minors, be considered “adults”. Man universities are petitioning to drop the legal drinking age from 21 because the believe that,” if students were given the right to drink at an earlier age, they might handle it more responsibly.” Whether or not these changes will ever happen remain a mystery but what we do know is that the age for drinking should be lower because depending on the minor, they should be allowed to drink
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