What Are The Benefits Of Changing To A Semester

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How would you feel if our trimesters were changed to semesters at Johnson and Wales University? If our trimesters were to change to semesters it would benefits students in many ways. If the university was to change to semesters, it would benefits students that want to participate in internships and or studying abroad. A transition to a semester based school year classes gives students more time to transition to college life. A benefit to having semesters, is the cost of materials when you’re buying for two semesters instead of three trimesters it will be cheaper. There is no doubt that changing the university from a trimester scheduled to a semester schedule would be a good option. First, with the university thinking about changing to a semester academic year, students will benefit great from it. Ways students will benefit from having semesters is because students that want to take an internship or study abroad will have more time to explore their career fields during a semester. Benefits with having the school time kids that are on semester will get more work experience in the work field. With the benefits of having semesters students will be able to…show more content…
With a semester based school year students will benefit with making a better connection with teachers. While being in a semester, you will get more time to learn material more because of the extra weeks given in a semester. Students that may start school on a bad foot have time to turn there grade around. A lot of problems with trimesters, is that a lot of it is fast paced learning students that are new to college may not have been in an atmosphere like that and may break in pressure. Students that may want to transfer to a university with semesters some credits from trimester credits will not transfer which will set you behind. Being on a semester course schedule would benefit every student in the
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