What Are The Benefits Of Illegal Immigration

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United States like some other countries is a land of opportunity and a nation full of immigrants. However many of the immigrants who have dreams and hopes of a better life, decide to leave everything they have in their homelands for a new beginning but illegally. These people often come alone, sometimes accompanied by relatives or friends. Usually the Mexicans are the ones who risk their lives crossing the border illegally. However, to reach the United States may mean walking days through the desert of Arizona or take dangerous journeys in a fragile boat. It is possible that people can move to the US border by themselves, but many use human smuggling services. Smugglers normally guide illegal immigrants at all times until they can cross the…show more content…
Many illegal immigrants are unable to enter their attempt to enter the United States. Despite this, there are people who do not give up and are determined to try again; while others become frustrated and go back home. Some die trying to enter, and others continue taking more risk. What is often ignored is the illegal immigrants once they are in the country, they begin a very different life than they expected. That is, what they believed would be an advantage, it is often an unpleasant disadvantage to their life living in a country of first world usually provides a better level of what many people are accustomed life in other countries. However, with this comes also a high cost of living. Multiple families are forced to live under one roof, sometimes have no choice but to live with families that are already established in the country. In addition, finding a job is not always easy for everyone, the main reason may not speak the language or because of having an illegal status. Despite this, many illegal people like to find work, but may be of a lower minimum wage to the law, or best, but even so they think is an advantage compared to their previous
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